690th TOKYO Subscription Concerts

690th TOKYO Subscription Concerts

Tokyo subscription concert

Curtain Time

  • Friday, May 26, 2017 - 19:00
  • Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 14:00

Doors Open

Friday, May 26, 2017 - 18:20

Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 13:00


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra has improved various musical expression with Mo. Lazarev through Russian repertoire. And now our Chief Conductor Mo. Inkinen and JPO has chosen the mainstream of German music to further seek the depth of the orchestra’s sound. As our main repertoire, we will continue to play the works of Mendelssohn, Brahms and Bruckner.
And Wagner will be the core repertoire of Mo. Inkinen and JPO, as Mo. Inkinen particular loves Wagner. This time, we will perform Wagner's “Rheingold” which is opening opera of “The Ring” series. Although we have plaed various Wagner works in the past, we will perfom the entire “Rheingold” in concert style for the first time in JPO’s history. The world-class Wagner singers gather in Tokyo for this concert. With this project we will cultivate our “old but new” repertoire. This concert will be great opportunity for us to experience new musicality that is different in our usual symphony repertoire.


Conductor: Pietari INKINEN, Chief Conductor
Fricka: Lilli PAASIKIVI
Alberich: Warwick FYFE
Freia: ANDO Fumiko
Donner: HATAKEYAMA Shigeru
Froh: KATAYOSE Junya
Erda: IKEDA Kaori
Woglinde: HAYASHI Masako
Wellgunde: HIRAI Kaori
Flosshilde: SHIMIZU Kasumi
Fasolt: SAIKI Kenji
Fafner: YAMASHITA Koji

Pietari INKINEN, Chief Conductor


Richard WAGNER: Das Rheingold (Concert Style)

Ticket Price

【Single ticket】
S¥7,200 A¥6,000 B¥5,200 C¥4,200 P¥3,200 Ys¥1,500
【Annual subscription ticket】
S¥42,000  A¥35,000  B¥30,500 C¥24,500  P¥20,000  Ys¥13,000
【Half year subscription ticket】
S¥23,000  A¥20,000  B¥16,500 C¥13,000  P¥11,000  Ys¥7,000

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Ys seat: For 25 years old and younger. Available for all concerts with the exception of Kobaken World. You can choose from seat types other than S seat.
Availabe only at Japan Phil Service Center (by phone/FAX/e-mail). We will ask your date of birth when you reserve. Please bring a copy of certificate that can verify your age to the concert.

Ticket Sales

発売日: 2016/Dec/15 (Thu) 0:00

【Spring season single ticket release date】

December 1, 2016
【Spring season half year subscription ticket release date】

【特別協賛】三菱UFJニコス株式会社 フジテレビジョン

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※Please note that pre-school children are not allowed at this concert.
Childcare available with reservation one week prior to the concert:
Event Child Care ®Mothers TEL: 0120-788-222 (10am-5pm/weekdays)